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List of all CICS Tools and Utilities.

Product Vendor Type
CICS Batch Application Control IBM Batch Control
CICS Configuration Manager IBM Administration
CICS Business Event Publisher for MQSeries IBM Other
CICS Interdependency Analyzer IBM Administration
CICS OTTO IBM Performance Tuning
CICS Performance Analyzer IBM Performance Tuning
CICS Performance Monitor IBM Performance Monitors
CICS VSAM Transparency IBM VSAM Tools
BMC® MAINVIEW® for CICS TS BMC Performance Monitors
BMC® Energizer® for CICS BMC Performance Tuning
MAINVIEW® AutoOPERATOR for CICS BMC Administration
ASG-TMON for CICS TS for z/OS ASG Performance Monitors
ASG-TMON for CICS Transaction Server (TS)/VSE® ASG Performance Monitors
ASG-TMON for CICS/VSE® ASG Performance Managers
ASG-CATS ASG Administration
ASG-SmartTest/CICS ASG Debugging
Xpediter/CICS Compuware Debugging
Abend-AID for CICS Compuware Debugging
Strobe for CICS Compuware Performance Tuning
C\TREK C\Trek Corporation Performance Tuning
Synchro for z/OS MACRO4 Performance Managers
TraceMaster CodeTrack MACRO4 Debugging
IAM Innovation Data Processing VSAM Tools
Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for CICS on z/OS IBM Performance Monitors
Inter-Program Command Processor (IPCP PLUS) SDS Batch Control
Fault Analyzer IBM Debugging
BatchCICS-Connect DSI Interfaces Web Enablement
Ivory Service Architect GT Software Web Enablement
Metastorm Integration Manager:CICS Metastorm Web Enablement
BatchCICS-Connect / CICS 24x7 batch integration - SOA Document Systems Inc. Batch Control
COBOL IPconnector/BatchCICS-Connect Document Systems Inc. Web Enablement
ComqExec Document Systems Inc. Web Enablement
CICSNotify / Abend Email Document Systems Inc. Other
LOGGER for HostBridge and OnWeb cics Document Systems Inc. Web Enablement
OnWeb for CICS NetManage Web Enablement
LegaSuite Seagull Software Web Enablement
Unicenter CA-SYSVIEW CA Performance Monitors
CICS2PDF CASI Software Web Enablement
CICS/FORWARD RECOVERY SYSTEM - Recovery system for CICS files MacKinney Systems VSAM Tools
CICS/Hotprint - Screen print utility MacKinney Systems Printing
CICS/Log View - Display CICS system logs online MacKinney Systems Management
CICS/Mapr II - Create CICS maps fast MacKinney Systems Programming
CICS/Menu II - Present CICS applications to your end-users easily MacKinney Systems Security
CICS/Message - Send messages to CICS terminals MacKinney Systems Communication
CICS/Morning News - Send company or departmental news MacKinney Systems Communication
CICS/QEDITOR - Editor invoked from your application MacKinney Systems Programming
CICS/QSORT - Online sorting MacKinney Systems Programming
CICS/SignOn - CICS security for transactions, terminals and users MacKinney Systems Security
CICS/Spooler - View reports online, print on CICS printers MacKinney Systems Printing
CICS/Spy - Save screens to a file for review MacKinney Systems Security
CICS/Swap - Allow up to 8 transactions at the same terminal MacKinney Systems Management
CICS/Timeout - CICS auto sign off and active user display MacKinney Systems Security
Easy Help for CICS - 'HELP' windows without programming MacKinney Systems Management
Macro Level Interpreter - Run macro level code in CICS TS MacKinney Systems Migration
RMode31 - Automatically run CICS programs above the line MacKinney Systems Migration
Show and Tell II - Show what is on another CICS screen MacKinney Systems Management
VS/Cobol Interpreter - Run OS/VS Cobol programs in CICS/TS 3.1 and above MacKinney Systems Migration
CICS/Response Time Monitor MacKinney Systems Performance Monitors
Track - CICS interactive debugging tool MacKinney Systems Debugging
MacKinney Batch to CICS - Process CICS commands from batch jobs MacKinney Systems Batch Control
CICS/On Line File Utility - CICS file display and edit MacKinney Systems Management
CICS SSO Erisoft Other
Ivory VisualConnect GT Software Web Enablement
Ivory BMS/TS GT Software Other
SOLA SOA Software Web Enablement
Rocket FYI/CICS Rocket Software Debugging
z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler with EXEC CICS assembler support z390 EXEC CICS Assembler Support Debugging
PlexSpy Application Status Monitor Matter of Fact Software Performance Monitors
Ivory Data Access GT Software Other
CAFC NETEC International Inc. Administration
CDDF NETEC International Inc. Debugging
CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS IBM Administration
Xray - Interactive debugging for batch MacKinney Systems Debugging
Dump Detective for CICS - Interactive aid for investigating dumps MacKinney Systems Debugging
IBM Session Manager IBM Communication
CICS Transaction Gateway IBM Communication
CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition IBM Communication
SysQManager for CICS - Dynamically create and manage CICS extra-partition Sysout Transient Data Queues Document Systems Inc. Management
CICS JS/Server Matter of Fact Software Web Enablement
JES Queue for Printers MacKinney Systems Printing
SM/SWAP MacKinney Systems Management