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Your new Common Programming Interface Communications (CPI-C) CICS application fails. From a CPI/C partner, you are trying to establish a conversation with a CICS program. The CICS program issues a CMACCP but receives a return code X'19' which means the program has called CMACCP (Accept_conversation) when there is no incoming conversation.

DFHSM0133 during initialization of CICS TS after changing IEFUSI

You receive message DFHSM0133 reporting a short on storage (SOS) condition above the line during initialization of CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS). This same region came up fine in the past, and the CICS EDSALIMIT had not been changed. But, you did make a change to the z/OS installation exit IEFUSI.

DFHAP0001 0C4 AKEA in DBUGDBXX when using CA products with CICS TS 5.1

You are unable to shutdown Xpediter/CICS in you CICS region and you receive an abend0C4 in DBUGDBXX.

EXCI OPEN Pipe fails with RC 16 Reason Codee 609 when using the CF

You are running batch jobs using the External CICS Interface (EXCI) application programming interface (API). An OPEN_Pipe fails with RC=16, Reason Code=609 ( RC16 RSN609 ). The CICS region is running on a different LPAR from the batch job. When you force the job to run on the same LPAR, it runs correctly. You are using the MVS Coupling Facility (CF).

0C4 in your amode 24 program after upgrading to CICS TS 5.1

You recently upgraded to CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) V5.1 and now your AMODE(24) program is receiving an 0C4 abend. You are running with CA ENF.

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