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REXX for CICS editor locking PDS members for life of CICS region

When you use the REXX for CICS editor to edit a partitioned data set (PDS) member and use the editor "File" or "Save" command to save the member to the local REXX File System (RFS), the original PDS member remains locked until the CICS region is brought down. Subsequent attempts to edit the same PDS member result in an error message indicating that the member is in use even when using the same CICS terminal. Attempts to edit the member from TSO also receive an indication that the member is in u...

CNX0592E no associated bundle when exporting and installing application binding

You are trying to export and install an application binding in CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) and you receive error message CNX0592E that reports there is no associated bundle. Viewing the application binding shows the application bundle is present and is associated with a region type.

Trace record EXCEPTION PROFILE_UNKNOWN written at CICS TS signon

You see an exception trace entry XSSB INQUIRE_USER_ATTRIBUTES/EXCEPTION PROFILE_UNKNOWN being written to the CICS trace. This occurs when you sign onto a CICS Transaction Sever for z/OS (CICS TS) region, either explicitly or by using a distributed identity. You might also notice CICS flooding SMF datasets with RACF related records.

IZE0106E error Forbidden when connecting CICS Explorer to the WUI server

When you try to connect the CICS Explorer to your WUI Server, you receive message IZE0106E Connect failed with error "Forbidden" (xxxxx:port). You have established a CICSPlex SM Data Interface Connection and verified that the correct TCPIPHOSTNAME and TCPIPPORT are specified as defined in the WUI. You are using the IBM Explorer for z/OS V2.1.

DFHSR0606 abend 3501 detected when using CA Telon development tool

Your CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) region ends after you receive message DFHSR0606 abend (code ---/3501) has been detected. You are using CA application development generator CA Telon.

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