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Fixes and Utilities

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Fixes and Utilities

IBM Tivoli Monitoring: Unix(R) OS Agent,

This fix resolves the APARs and defects listed in the "Problems Fixed" section below. This fix also includes the superseded fixes listed in section 2.3.

TNPMW Gateway Siemens NSS

This download package consists of a fix pack for Siemens NSS Gateway, a sub-component of TNPMW Gateway 3.4.1.

DB2 Version 9.1 fix packs & client downloads for AIX -- (DB2 64-bit)

Fix pack downloads for DB2® Version 9.1 for AIX® (64-bit).

CA8K: CICS TS for z/OS: Delivering Atom feeds from CICS

This SupportPac provides sample code to demonstrate how to generate Atom feeds to publish data contained within CICS resources or obtained by running a CICS application.

CS1I: CICS TS V3.2: CICSPlex SM IP Connector Utility

This SupportPac™ provides a batch process for defining multiple IP interconnectivity (IPIC) connections between CICS® regions in a single job.

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