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Exploitation of 64-bit architecture by CICS TS

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You are running CICS® Transaction Server (CICS TS) on a machine using 64-bit real storage, but CICS does not appear to exploit it. You would like to know if there are any changes that you can make so that CICS will exploit the 64-bit architecture.

Excluding CICS Write Operator messages from the MCS main operator's console

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CICS® Transaction Server (CICS TS) Write Operator messages are appearing on the z/OS® main operator's consoles in the machine room. The operator's would like to suppress these messages. However, the messages need to be routed to the majority of the other consoles.

Keep menu facility of Xpediter/CICS will not open

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If you specify CICS® translator option COBOL2, the Compuware® Xpediter/CICS debug tool will not open the Keep menu facility. As a result, you do not have the ability to set program break points and view data residing in specific data fields during a debug session. This problem started after installing maintenance for Enterprise COBOL for z/OS® V3.4.

DFHDS0002 A severe error (code X'0204') has occurred in DFHDSTCB

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You are receiving a DFHDS0002 code X'0204' in module DFHDSTCB.

CORBA server performance is degraded in CICS TS 3.1

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You are experiencing long response time from your Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) server after migrating from CICS® Transaction Server V2.3 to CICS TS V3.1.

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