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Resume Writing for the Mainframe Systems Programmer

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Courtesy of Joe Gallaher, Systems Programming Consultants, Inc. 

Attending Joe's session at SHARE highlighted the gaping holes in my resume. It is highly recommended to keep a resume up to date and ready to be send out nowadays. Using Joe's guidelines will make that realy easy, and your resume will be ready to go.

Joe will be at the Orlando SHARE in August 2011. More info here : SHARE

I've attached the SHARE presentation for download.

All this and more are available at SPCI's website !

Forum for resume related stuff : LINK

Home-based work benefits employees and businesses

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Working for income is largely inescapable, in spite of the corporate trappings that harm productivity much more than they help. Going into business for yourself removes one "Big Brother" figure from the equation, but you should be supremely motivated to achieve success. Working from home is another option. Hammering out the daily telecommute can benefit both the employer and the employee.

Will there be a jobless recovery for IT in 2011?

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That's the most important career-related issue facing IT executives today, as they make staffing decisions for next year while also worrying about their own job prospects amid a steady stream of corporate downsizing and offshoring announcements.

Ask any IT pro who is out of work right now, and the answer to this question is a resounding yes. They'll point out that more IT infrastructure and support jobs are being outsourced, and that it's harder than ever to find full-time employment.

"Luftman sees job opportunities growing not only with emerging technologies but also in support of legacy systems. In particular, he sees rising demand for IT professionals with experience in Cobol, IBM's CICS transaction systems and IBM's IMS database management system."

Read the rest of Carolyn Duffy Marsan's article at



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So I've been laid-off due to a company merger. My last day of work was Friday, October 30th 2009, but I was walked out the door Tuesday the 27th of October. Me and what I suspect was about 300 to 400 other employees. It was one of those things that you know was going to happen after the merger was announced but when it came it was still a big shock.

The month before Christmas and the month of Christmas is not a good time to be laid of. If you look on the job boards you will see that CICS System Programming openings are few and far between and you can almost count them on one hand!

Fundi Acquires Circle Group

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Fundi Software is pleased to announce today the acquisition of Circle Computer Group LLC of New Jersey, USA The new operation in the United States will be called Circle Software, Inc. Circle, an established IBM Business Partner, specialize in the provision of CICS Education, including the famed Circle CICS Wall Chart, Consulting, developing and selling Software.

There are integration plans in process to incorporate Circle's Software Development with Fundi. However, the core business of Education and Consultancy will remain.

Announcement here: link

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