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IBM Redbooks

RedBook: CICS Transaction Server from Start to Finish

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If you want to know what CICS TS is all about... This is the publication to get!


In this IBM® Redbooks® publication, we discuss CICS®, which stands for Customer Information Control System. It is a general-purpose transaction processing subsystem for the z/OS® operating system. CICS provides services for running an application online where, users submit requests to run applications simultaneously.

CICS manages sharing resources, the integrity of data, and prioritizes execution with fast response. CICS authorizes users, allocates resources (real storage and cycles), and passes on database requests by the application to the appropriate database manager, such as DB2®.

IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS

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IBM® Problem Determination Tools consists of a core group of IBM products designed to work in conjunction with compilers and run times to provide a start-to-finish development solution for the IT professional. This IBM Redbooks® publication can provide you with an introduction to the tools, guidance for program preparation to use with them, an overview of their integration, and several scenarios for their use.


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The redbook discusses the new Channels and Containers support in CICS TS 3.1, Chapter 1 provides an overview about the techniques used to pass data between applications running in CICS. We will describe the constraints they may be subject to, and how a Channels and Containers solution can provide solid advantages, alongside these techniques, which will allow CICS to fully comply with emerging technology requirements in terms of sizing and flexibility. Link: Exploring CICS CHANNELs and CONTAINERs (Link now Fixed)
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