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Application Development

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COBOL, Java, PL/1, C, C++, Rexx

Why is it neccesary to pass a Dummy Commarea when...


          I call (Dynamic Call) a Cobol Program passing data.


         I know the CICS PROGRAMMER GUIDE say this, but what is the reason.

        What can happend if I do  "CALL  MY-PROG USING MY-WS-DATA"

        in the precompiler I have NOSYSEIB NOLINKAGE  for the calling and the called program.

      Many thanks in advance.






AIX Issue ?

One of our Applications Programmers thinks that the Alternate index file isn't updating quickly enough, the following is the scenario;

His Cobol program runs to create invoices, the program has a process in it to detect & flag duplicate input to an error log. He has a instance where the program did not detect a duplicate & created a duplicate check for the same invoice. In his troubleshooting the problem he has one time had the duplicate entry, one after the other and the duplicate isn't flagged. In his other test he puts the duplicate entries further apart & the duplicate is flagged. He thinks the AIX file isn't processing quickly enough to post the duplicate.  is this possible, does the definition in the AIX file have an update timer ?? Any help or direction is appreciated ..

Load Module


I am facing two issues one is that when I run a cobol batch program I do not get a load module in the IBMUSER.TEST.LOAD dataset. Here is the output and JCL for this program

Have IBM got channels/containers right ?

zCICS is free.

This is a big should generate healthy discussion.

SHA-1 hashed value cuases the off host application to fail when past through CICS web services

We have a value in an application that we are ahshing ising the IBM delivered SHA-1 module but the resultant field causes the off host receiving application to fail.  We have tried coding athe following

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