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Site Changes

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SPAM Due to an insane amount of spam being posted as comments I will have to stop any postings from non registered users by Friday November 10. After Friday you will have to login or create an account to post news or comments. I would have preferred to have the site open for anyone to post but these spam posts will completely take the site over. New Content CICS Tools is a section for listing CICS tools and software with links to the vendor. (The list is a work in progress, and is by far not complete yet.) Feel free to add software to this list or to correct information if you see something wrong. Also any recommendations on the classification of the tools will be appreciated. I'm working on a section for "Services" (consulting etc.) and will have that up and available in a few days. Thanks. Ian

New look!

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I have finally upgraded the site to the latest and greatest software and in the process changed the looks as well. The old theme had some compatibility issues with IE. The CICS LINKS moved to the left side bar. Those links will not open a new browser window but will take you to IBM. The 'CICS NEWS' feed from IBM was moved from the bottom of the front page to the right hand side of the front page with the 'CICS in the NEWS' and the 'Latest Redbooks'. Theses feeds are updated on the hour. Also clicking on one of them will navigate you away from this site. If you do want to open in a new IE window or Firefox Tab, righ click and select "open in new window".

World Cup Fever!

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I've added a Football World Cup Tip(Prediction) game for those interested in playing around with it. I will keep the scores updated as much as possible. So here is some CICS Worldcup fun. (I have no idea how Football and CICS can be related and will gladly accept some suggestions :-))

Site Updates

It's been awhile since my last update, post or blog entry. Things have been a little bit hectic for me but I will make a concerted effort to try and keep things rolling here. There are a couple of improvements that needs to be done on the site itself. For instance currently the news feeds are not searchable and I'm working on a fix to include all news feed items in a site search. (Doing a Google search will show the news feed items on the site but a site search won't)
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