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JOB's Page.

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The Job page will be back shortly. I'm at the moment revamping the content for jobs and it will take me awhile to get the Job postings back on the site. Thanks!

Site Updates

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I've upgraded this weekend. There are still a few functions that must be fixed and updated and I will get to them soon. A few new function will be added and some other unused ones will be removed. If there is something you would like to see, feel free to let me know.

The "IBM Announcements" is suppose to be a spinning tag cloud. It works in Firefox but not always in IE. I'm still looking into that.

Thank you.

Hosting Problems.

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As some of you may have noticed, The site experienced a lot of outages, downtime and interruption the last week. The server the site was hosted on lost a hard disk. It was a RAID but as most things on the open system side, it looks better on paper than it does in practice. The raid did not recover from the one disk failure and they had to bring the server down to replace the disk. Guess "Hot Swap" means something other than "The ability to replace a disk in a RAID without bringing the system down".

New Home for the CICS Community Forums

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I finally managed to get all the software upgraded and moved the site to a faster server. It took me longer than anticipated due to a heavy work schedule but here we are. There is quite a few new feature available some obvious, some not so obvious.
I will post a complete list of new features as I get time.

One feature that I should mention is the improved login system. You can now use your password or userid to loggin and the registration process is also a little easier.

Report bugs ad requests here

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I had to remove the chatrooms as they were breaking IE. Causing some havoc

The email went out too early! I wanted to send it early Monday morning!

You can report bugs and make requests here by adding a comment, or visit the forum for Bugs and Requests here

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