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New user accounts!

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Due to an insane amount of spam bots trying to create user accounts, I have disabled the create account feature.

Please use the Feedback ( link to request a userid.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

And we are back!

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After a longer delay than I planned on, the site is back up and running on the new host.

Thank you for your patience.


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I will be moving CICSWorld to a different host.

This means that the site will be down until Monday February 27th.

Thank You.

Site Hosting problems.

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I'm having some problems with my webhost. The server gets overloaded and then the site will not load.
 That is just one of the joys of web hosting. I'm wotking with them to see if we can get the problem fixed.

Maybe one day I can afford a dedicated server to run my sites but that is too expensive for me at this time.

Thanks for your patience!


Site Update: Loggin problems.

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There was a couple of problems reported of user having a problem logging in. To attempt fixing the problem I've changed the whole loggin system. You can now loggin with a userid or your email. Then I've added a check to see if you have cookies disabled. If you're browsers cookies are disabled, you will experience loggin problems.

Thank you.


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