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Project z/Shops

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When I was looking for a job recently, I was surprised to find that there were several z/OS or System z shops close to me that I did not even know about. Unfortunately I found them after accepting a position 3 state away from my family. If I had known about the z/Shops in my own backyard, I could have at least attempted to knock on their doors before accepting the traveling and far away job.

After looking around a little I could not find a list of Mainframe shops and their locations on the internet. So I decided to set forth and create, not just a LIST, but a MAP, a LIST and a Directory of Institutions that runs IBM Mainframes (z/Shops).

New Features!

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Private Messenger
Send a message to other registered users on the CICSWorld. The user will get the messages the next time they login if they are not logged in. The messenger can be accessed by going HERE or below the left hand menu bar you will see a Messenger block. The User field is "auto-complete". Just start typing the user name.

If you want an email address at contact me here. This is email addresses managed by google mail.

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year and a prosperous 2007 to all and everybody!

Site Updates

It's been awhile since my last update, post or blog entry. Things have been a little bit hectic for me but I will make a concerted effort to try and keep things rolling here. There are a couple of improvements that needs to be done on the site itself. For instance currently the news feeds are not searchable and I'm working on a fix to include all news feed items in a site search. (Doing a Google search will show the news feed items on the site but a site search won't)

Welcome to the CICS Community Forums!

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This is the beginnings of a website that will try and host everything and then some on CICS. The latest CICS and IBM news, views and gossip all in an easy to access format. Please feel free to contribute by submitting news, stories, advice, source code, tips or you can just leave a comment on any existing content. The site is still in an early development state and some hiccups may be experienced. Thanks Ian
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