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VSAM read error


In my first BLOG i would like to discuss the difficulties i'm facing.

every one's suggestion,advise and solution are mostly welcome. i would like to receive all of you valuable
suggestion on CICS and VSAM.

I need a solution for problem i'm facing with VSAM key with CICS.

i'm facing this problem since last 1 yr.for which i'm not being able
to sleep properly in night.If any one helps me or little advise how to
process then i'll be ever grtful.

Here is the problem:

i've a software name MVS workbench.

In Milwaukee without a paddle

I am looking to leverage my experience with the components of CPSM into a consulting service opportunity. I would appreciate any ideas or feedback on the potential market for these skills.

EXEC CICS Assembler using the new z10 instructions

On March 14, 2008 z390 v1.4.01 was released with support for 226 new IBM z10 mainframe assembler instructions. Now you can code and unit test EXEC CICS assembler modules using these new instructions on Windows XP/Vista or Linux and port programs to a z10 mainframe later. You can download the z390 v1.4.01 version from For an overview of the z390 CICS support view the latest SHARE presentation here:

SHARE z390 Assembler and Emulator Presentations

World Cup Fever!

Posted in
I've added a Football World Cup Tip(Prediction) game for those interested in playing around with it. I will keep the scores updated as much as possible. So here is some CICS Worldcup fun. (I have no idea how Football and CICS can be related and will gladly accept some suggestions :-))

Site Updates

It's been awhile since my last update, post or blog entry. Things have been a little bit hectic for me but I will make a concerted effort to try and keep things rolling here. There are a couple of improvements that needs to be done on the site itself. For instance currently the news feeds are not searchable and I'm working on a fix to include all news feed items in a site search. (Doing a Google search will show the news feed items on the site but a site search won't)
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