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Java apps have most flaws, Cobol is cleanest, study finds

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Analysis of 745 apps determines costs of flawed software as IT interest in 'technical debt' takes off

There is a lot of badly engineered software in the world that's creating a lot of risk to businesses and organisations, and accumulating so-called 'technical debt.'  Such a legacy of problematic programming that violates good architectural and coding practices is called " technical debt ," a metaphor that is gaining broader attention.

Bill Curtis, chief scientist at Cast, said he believes Cobol did best because the code is older. Programmers "have been beating on it for 30 years" and in that time have fixed some of the most critical violations, he said.

COBOL scored the highest on security while .NET scored the lowest.

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Read the CAST Software news release here: CAST Software

COBOL turns 50 in 2009

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The celebration starts in Australia and will travel the globe through Japan +9 Australia (center) + 9 ½ China (center) +7 India +5 ½, Italy, France, Spain +1 UK +0 Brazil Akron OH -5 Texas -6 California -8 and many more. Check back here often to see a list of celebrations around the world.

At each site, there will be computers and cameras ready to record the event. Each venue will have a multi-screen view of people and celebrations. You can celebrate with your colleagues throughout the world and say hello to programmers who speak the same language, regardless of their country.

Looking for job security? Try Cobol

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A career as a Cobol programmer might not be as sexy as slinging Java code or scripting in Ruby, but if you buckle down and learn hoary old Cobol, you could land one of the safest, most secure jobs in IT.

Analyst reports indicate that Cobol salaries are on the upswing. The language is easy to learn, there's a healthy demand for the skills, and offshore Cobol programmers are in short supply -- plus, the language itself holds the promise of longevity. All that loose talk about mainframes going away has subsided, and companies committed to big iron need Cobol pros to give them love.
Read Infoworld Article here

Type cobol program

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Is this correct?

Type for cobol program definition?





CICS Active Pages deliver modern programming paradigm to CICS.

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Have you ever wished that you could develop web applications as easily and quickly as the JSP and ASP programmers do? CICS Active Pages (CAPS) is coming to the rescue. With this new scripting based solution - you can embed your code in the web page like the programmers of other technologies have been doing for years already. Check it out at: Please make sure you also access the white paper that is available at
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