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The aging mainframe workforce.

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The age poll has served to confirm my concern about the aging workforce and the effect of that on the future of the mainframe.

I watched with interest what discussions the poll provoked on the lists. It certainly seems that there are a lot of valuable people working on the mainframe. There are people with years -nee decades - of computing experience and heaps of wisdom to share.

If you had IBM's ear..

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If you had IBM's ear what suggestions would you give them too get more young blood into the Mainframe Development and Systems programming family?

IBM is actively involved in regenerating interest in the mainframe (IBM tries regenerating the Mainfame ) and they also launched a program aimed at students. (IBM Master the Mainframe Contest).
But do you think it is enough? What would you suggest IBM do?
For CICS specifically I suggested the make CICS more accesable to developers by releasing a CICS community edition simular to the DB2 and WAS community editions.(Where is the CICS Community Edition?)

Or don't you care about the long term survival of the Mainframe and CICS as we know it today?

Couldn't see a way to suggest.......

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How about a poll of the age for subscribers who work on...maybe by product like:

CICS support
z/OS support

etc, etc


2007 IBM System z Expo - Sept. 17-21 - San Antonio

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Here is another IBM conference we can add to our calendars.

This conference provides expert insight about the IBM System z9 and how it provides the foundation for helping to integrate and manage your mixed IT environment with a simplified, holistic approach. Learn how z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and Linux on IBM System z9 along with the core competencies like virtualization, business continuity, intelligent workload management, autonomic functionality and the ability to process secure transactions, while capable of running at up to 100 percent utilization, put the System z9 in a class of its own. Choose from over 350 in-depth elective sessions exploring IBM System z9 and zSeries and Systems Storage, divided into these focus areas: General Interest and Management, z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and Linux. Mark your calendar now to attend this conference!

I've extracted the CICS specific Sessions and listed them below(click on "read more").

How to Cut the (Not So) High Cost of Mainframe Software

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If you do your homework, Big-Iron cost cutters argue, you can realize substantial mainframe software savings.
If mainframe technologists have a favorite gripe, it's what many say is the high cost of software licensing. Mainframe software keeps getting more expensive, they claim, even as the price of Big-Iron hardware continues to fall. It's so often repeated it’s become a truism for many mainframe technologists.

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