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HP missionaries convert 250+ mainframe shops

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HP announced today that in the past two years, it has helped more than 250 customers worldwide to migrate from mainframes to Integrity-based servers. According to John Pickett, worldwide manager of HP's mainframe alternative program, the vast majority of those mainframe shops have made the jump to Integrity machines running HP-UX, but a few have moved to Windows and others have opted for the fault-tolerant NonStop environment. Many, having made the jump, also deploy Linux on their iron.

The mainframes that have been replaced have the usual mix of IBM systems software - COBOL applications, VSAM files, CICS transaction monitors, DB2 and IMS databases, and such. About 80 per cent of the code that is running on the mainframes is homegrown stuff, which means HP needs to partner with Micro Focus, Clerity, Relativity Technologies, TmaxSoft, and others with application rehosting tools designed to move mainframe apps to other platforms.

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NYSE unplugs last mainframe and reduces cost, speeds transactions

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At the end of April, the New York Stock Exchange unplugged its last running mainframe, the climax of a yearlong migration to Unix and Linux.

By all accounts, the merger has been successful, and performance has improved, said Francis Feldman, the vice president of the shared data center at Securities Industry Automation Corp. (SIAC), the NYSE's technology arm.
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Mainframe Specialists Not Done Yet

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While some say careers for mainframe programmers are dimming more than they're dying, their outlook is pressured by business trends that can seem like Catch-22.

Times certainly are changing for mainframe computer programmers, with fewer jobs available and little call for COBOL. But don't pronounce them extinct just yet. Despite the advent of Windows-running PCs, client servers and .Net, the supposedly moribund mainframe refuses to die.

Monitor mainframe sessions remotely

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Users access z/OS® mainframes using a 3270 terminal emulator. In this article, learn how to build a simple shell script for UNIX® or Linux® that gives you a second terminal emulator to view everything a mainframe user is doing in real time.

The Return of the Mainframe

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While IBM talks primarily Linux, Mann said there's also the zOS side, the mainframe's native operating system that still has plenty of potential use. "IBM is getting into universities to teach zOS and old style programming, PL/1 and COBOL, on the z Series," he said.

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