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VSAM read error


In my first BLOG i would like to discuss the difficulties i'm facing.

every one's suggestion,advise and solution are mostly welcome. i would like to receive all of you valuable
suggestion on CICS and VSAM.

I need a solution for problem i'm facing with VSAM key with CICS.

i'm facing this problem since last 1 yr.for which i'm not being able
to sleep properly in night.If any one helps me or little advise how to
process then i'll be ever grtful.

Here is the problem:

i've a software name MVS workbench.

Young Developers Get Old Mainframers’ Jobs

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Since the 1980’s, PC’s and UNIX machines were supposed to have taken over the computing world, relegating mainframes to the scrap heap alongside rotary-dial telephones, suitcase-size boom boxes, and Plymouth Reliants. Indeed, most mainframes from that era have been consigned to the scrap heap – only to be replaced by bigger and faster mainframes.

Today the number of mainframes is estimated to be 10,000. Since 2000, the processing power of mainframes has quadrupled in terms of MIPS. According to IBM, the top 25 world banks run mainframes, 80% of the world’s corporate data resides or originates on mainframes, and 71% of global Fortune 500 companies are mainframe clients.

And what about those applications that were supposed to have been migrated off mainframes?

Read full article at Datamation

Progress DataDirect Unveils Industry’s First Mainframe SQL Engine for Non-Relational Data to Leverage the zIIP Specialty Processor for Lowering Mainframe TCO

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Progress® DataDirect® Shadow® Release 7.2.1 Offers ANSI SQL-92 to Non-Relational Data with zIIP Offload; New Capabilities Lower Costs and Attract New Process-Intense Workloads to the Mainframe

Progress DataDirect Extends the Advantages of Event-Driven Architectures to Mainframe Customers with Complementary Support for IBM CICS TS v4.1

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End-to-End Solution Extends CICS Events Capability to Include Mainframe Database Business Events and Complex Event Processing

Can mainframe use really grow?

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From Network World

Some industry observers still like to kick dents in the mainframe saying it’s not the corporate platform of the future but the Big Iron seemingly takes the licks and keeps on ticking. Case in point: According to a study out today of 300 end users by researchers at IDC nearly one-half of said they plan to increase annual spending on mainframe hardware and software over the next five years. Only IBM mainframe users were included in the survey population, IDC noted.

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