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Microsoft quietly invests in IBM emulator TurboHercules

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Continuing its low-key crusade for greater mainframe openness (or less IBM dominance of that market), Microsoft has invested an undisclosed amount of money in mainframe emulator provider TurboHercules, said the Paris company.

Neither company would disclose the amount or terms of the investment.

Microsoft's investment is one of a number that Microsoft has made in companies and organizations that are challenging IBM's mainframe stronghold, either by competitive or legal means.

Read article here : Computerworld

BIG Iron: The Mainframe Story

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The Documentary Film Thousands of Years and Countless MIPS in the Making

BIG IRON: The Mainframe Story is the long-awaited chronicle of the most innovative and enduring computer technology the world has yet known.

CA Mainframe Chorus and IBM Systems Magazine co-present the documentary film that chronicles the mainframe's origins and storied history and glimpses its bright future.
Each chronological segment features events, photos, video, and factoids from Stonehenge and Alan Turing to System/360 and virtualization to z10 and beyond, including conversations and reflections from experts, historians and the people who made (and make), the innovation happen.

Take a walk with us through Mainframe’s past and future history with BIG IRON: The Mainframe Story (so far).



IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS

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IBM® Problem Determination Tools consists of a core group of IBM products designed to work in conjunction with compilers and run times to provide a start-to-finish development solution for the IT professional. This IBM Redbooks® publication can provide you with an introduction to the tools, guidance for program preparation to use with them, an overview of their integration, and several scenarios for their use.

IBM Unveils World's Fastest Microprocessor

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PRNewsFoto/IBM  IBM technician Asia Dent tests the world's fastest microprocessor, made in New York and shipping to clients on Sept. 10. The heart of IBM's new zEnterprise System mainframes, the new chip helps deliver world-record speeds of 5.2 GHz.

IBM unveiled details Wednesday about its new advanced chips, which the company says can process information at record-breaking speeds far faster than those in ordinary desktop computers.

The technology giant said it spent more than $1.5 billion on research and development of the new chip tech, which debuts in the form of the 5.2-GHz z196 CPU.

Source : Fox News


H&W Joins the IBM Destination z Community, Provides System z Solutions

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BOISE, Idaho (PRWEB) July 30, 2010

H&W Computer Systems, Inc. (H&W) today announced that IBM has named H&W a Destination z vendor. Destination z is a mainframe community focused on the IBM System z mainframe platform. By participating in the Destination z program, H&W will work with IBM and other vendors to improve and promote System z. As part of the effort, IBM has developed the Destination z website that provides more direct access to solutions, news, tips, and ideas related to System z.

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