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Wish IBM a Happy 100th.

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Today IBM is celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Why don't we take a few moments to wish IBM a happy "birthday" and say how IBM influenced your life and the world around you.

Do you think IBM is going in the right direction? What would you suggest IBM change to be succesfull over the next 100 years.

Where do you see IBM a 100 years from now? Do you think that IBM will still be relevant then?

Click on "Add new coment" below to add your thoughts.

Happy 100th IBM.

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ARMONK, N.Y., June 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today is marking the 100th anniversary of its founding on June 16, 1911. To celebrate the milestone, the company is releasing a book, "Making the World Work Better: The Ideas That Shaped a Century and a Company," debuting a new film, "Wild Ducks," and ringing the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

During its first century, IBM has played a leading role in transforming business, science and society. The company's history can be seen as a succession of key milestones – from investing in a research lab in the depths of the Great Depression, to developing the first hard disk drive that created the data storage industry, to working with the U.S. government to develop the Social Security System. It continued with such "big bets" as a radical new computing model, the System/360 mainframe; the invention of the UPC code; the invention of the IBM Personal Computer that launched the PC revolution; and the recent development of Watson, the computer that triumphed on the TV game show Jeopardy!.

At IBM the Mainframe Is the Main Event

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IBM has once again made a hit with the mainframe, as Big Blue's Systems and Technology Group saw revenues increase 21 percent overall and mainframe sales rise nearly 70 percent in Q4 of 2010.


By: Darryl K. Taft   eWeek

IBM just keeps on winning with the mainframe. Year after year, decade after decade, IBM keeps delivering new mainframe functionality and its customers keep on buying it.

In fact, the mainframe led IBM's Systems and Technology Group's 21 percent increase in revenues in the fourth quarter of 2010, as mainframe sales rose nearly 70 percent. The mainframe is IBM's heavyweight champ. It keeps going the distance and winning. If IBM were in a prize fight, the mainframe would be the main event.

Read the full article here: eWeek   

"Systems revenues increased 20 percent (21 percent, adjusting for currency). Revenues from System z mainframe server products increased 69 percent compared with the year-ago period. Total delivery of System z computing power, as measured in MIPS (millions of instructions per second), increased 58 percent. Revenues from System x increased 18 percent. Revenues from Power Systems increased 2 percent compared with the 2009 period; entry systems revenues were up 30 percent and mid-range systems grew 7 percent. Revenues from System Storage increased 8 percent, and revenues from Retail Store Solutions increased 26 percent year over year. Revenues from Microelectronics OEM increased 30 percent."  

This is from IBM's 4th quarter results. (link IBM)

IBM Investigated by EU Regulator Over Mainframe Computer Market

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International Business Machines Corp., the world’s biggest provider of computer services, is being investigated by the European Union for allegedly abusing its dominant position in the market for mainframe computers.

The probe follows complaints by a pair of software makers and involves two separate investigations, the European Commission said in a statement. IBM said that the probe was the result of a campaign by “satellite proxies” of competitors led by Microsoft Corp.

IBM Boulder IP address changes.

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SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval, ShopzSeries, the Boulder 'testcase' server, and other service related servers will change public internet IP addresses beginning May 3, 2009. These IP address changes may require customer action to ensure uninterrupted downloads of products and service, and uploads of problem related diagnostic data.

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