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ASG announces Change Manager for CICS®

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ASG announced the general availability of ASG-TMON® Change Manager for CICS® TS and System Definition Auditor feature version 4.0. ASG-TMON® Change Manager for CICS® TS Version 4.0 is a key element of ASG's strategy of total Performance Management and Availability Solutions, which empowers organizations to deliver changes on demand to meet their dynamic business needs. This automated change management solution enables users to easily make changes to IBM CICS® Transaction Server (TS) tables across all systems operating on z/OS Sysplexes. According to clients, it also significantly increases productivity.

IBM Impact 2007

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Robert LeBlanc, General Manager SOA and Websphere, announced the merger of the WebSphere Technical Exchange and the Transaction & Messaging Conference into IBM Impact 2007. "The WebSphere platform powers SOA, and so for the first time, we are bringing together under one roof WebSphere Technical Exchange and the Transaction & Messaging Conference. You'll get all the value and benefits you've come to expect from these premier conferences and much more. This global conference will bring together over 4,000 IBM customers, Business Partners, industry analysts and IBM executives representing companies in your industry." IBM Impact 2007 is scheduled for May 20 - 25, in Orlando, Florida. Registration will open sometime in January. The Agenda is still just a skeleton with no details. Keep on coming back for more details! I'm glad to see that Mark Burnett from Survivor will be there to address the attendees. Maybe we have a Survivor Mainframe in the works???? Read the announcement here

Ask Ian Mitchell

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For most of us in the CICS community Ian Mitchell needs no introduction. But I will go ahead and introduce him anyway. Ian has been working at IBM Hursley on CICS since 1987 and is currently a Senior Architect on CICS Transaction Server for z/OS. Obviously he is a man with his finger on CICS's pulse. I approached Ian and asked him if he would be interested in taking part in an interview with the CICS community and he graciously agreed. Here is our chance to ask Ian any questions related to CICS! (You can try asking Rugby, Cricket or Football (soccer) questions but they may go unanswered).

Improving Your CICS Transaction Server v3.1 Throughput With OTE

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Running CICS® on Open Transaction Environment (OTE) provides a real performance boost, but until recently, only CICS and DB2® applications could benefit. With CICS Transaction Server V3.1 enhancements, you have greater flexibility for more applications to run on open TCBs. -Improve the performance of C/C++ applications using the XPLink feature of z/OS® -Use more simultaneous SSL connections -Migrate any hot-pooling (HPJ) compiled Java™ program objects to run in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM™) -Invoke more than one Java program within the same CICS task using the CICS program-link mechanism

PHP coming to a Mainframe near you.

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EDIT: I moved this story back to the top after Wayne Duquaine replied to the comments I made on PHP on CICS. Thank you for your input Wayne.
You can read Wayne's comments HERE

eWeek posted an article by Darryl K. Taft titled PHP Puts Mainframe Developers in Prime Time.
In the article Wayne Duquaine of Grandview Systems announced that IBM "is coming out with PHP on the mainframe in the next six to nine months..." and that Grandview systems will produce a CICS plug-in for PHP.

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