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CICS Transaction Server 3.2 Open Beta Survey

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If you are a Mainframe Programmer, Systems Programmer or Designer... What is your age groups?

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Take part in the current poll : Retirement Poll #2

46 to 55?
22% (296 votes)
55 and Older?
14% (183 votes)
36 to 45?
10% (127 votes)
26 to 35?
3% (46 votes)
18 to 25?
1% (11 votes)
Total voters: 1325

Couldn't see a way to suggest.......

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How about a poll of the age for subscribers who work on...maybe by product like:

CICS support
z/OS support

etc, etc


When are you planning on upgrading to CICS TS V 3.2?

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No plans yet.
20% (35 votes)
Later in 2008
11% (19 votes)
1st Quarter 2008
8% (15 votes)
4th Quarter 2007
6% (11 votes)
Within a month
5% (9 votes)
Total voters: 178

CICS TS V3.2 Released!

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Hello Listers

Today is a great day here in Hursley, it's GA day of CICS Transaction Server for z/OS Version 3.2.

My team have been busy to bring you the latest CICS Information Center, find it here: LINK

There are exciting new functions for the documentation to enhance your experience, such as:
New headers and footers on every page, providing a feedback link, timestamp for when the topic was last updated, a link to the PDF, and a Web site for the displayed topic.

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