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Abends and storage violations after upgrading or applying maintenance to LE/370

You apply maintenance to Language Environment (LE/370) or upgrade to a new release of the operating system which includes a new release of LE/370. Afterwards, your CICS programs receive invalid or corrupt data. The corrupt data causes abends and storage violations. The corrupt data can also display as garbage on your screen. When you back off the LE/370 maintenance the problem goes away.

Incorrect characters in Java programs cause syntax errors when compiling

You receive syntax errors when compiling Java™ programs due to bad characters in the programs. This occurs after you download (FTP) the programs from the mainframe to the client workstation.

DFHZC3433 ISC Sense 10086021

You are running CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) and issue a CECI START TRANSID(tran) SYSID(SYS1). You receive "DFHZC3433E termid CECI FMH7 was received on ISC session. Sense code 10086021 Error log data is DFHAC2001 Transaction '02000000' is not recognized. Check that the transaction name is correct. ((4) Module name: DFHZERH)." On the other region (SYS1) you recieve "DFHZN2701 Log data sent on ISC session is DFHAC2001 Transaction '02000000' is not recognized. Check that the transa...

DFHKE0104 issued at CICS startup

You are starting a new CICS Transaction Server region under a new release of CICS. You receive message DFHKE0104 to indicate an incorrect SVC number has been supplied to CICS. This message is followed by messages DFHPA1909 and DFHPA1910, indicating SVC number and CICSSVC DFHSIT override are not correct.

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