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DFHSO0002 A severe error code 080C in module DFHSOSE

You change your TCPIPSERVICE definition to SSL(CLIENTAUTH) and AUTHENTICATE(CERTIFICATE). You add a new Security Server (RACF) Certificate to the Keyring. Your connection from your browser fails in CICS with message DFHSO0002 A severe error (code X'080C') has occurred in module DFHSOSE.

DFHEC1003 event capture component failed to create the EVENTBINDING reason BAD_XML_DATA and DFHRL0102 reason CALL_BACK_ERROR

You create a System Event using the CICS Explorer and export the bundle file to your z/OS HFS UNIX® File System. During CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) V4.1 startup your bundle install fails with messages DFHEC1003 reason BAD_XML_DATA and DFHRL0102E reason CALL_BACK_ERROR.

Search results in the CICS information center contain too many topics

You are using search within the CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) information center. Your search results are too long and difficult to navigate because in addition to CICS TS the information center contains documentation for all the CICS connectors and CICS tools.

CICS Explorer fails to connect to host systems after adding HTTP or HTTPS proxy entries

You receive an HTTP Client (4xx) or Server (5xx) error when you attempt to connect to host systems for the CICS Explorer or associated plug-ins. Some of the more commonly seen HTTP error status codes are 400, 404, 500, 503, and 504. If the Automatic Updates feature is enabled within the CICS Explorer then this happens every time you attempt to connect. Otherwise, the error occurs after you check for an updates.

DFHEC1003 event capture component failed to create EVENTBINDING reason INVALID_ADAPTER_CONFIG

You have created a new Bundle that contains a new event binding. You are able to use the IBM CICS Explorer to successfully export the Bundle into you z/OS HFS UNIX® File System that your CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) region will access for the Bundle event binding, When bring up your CICS TS region, you see message DFHEC1003 with reason INVALID_ADAPTER_CONFIG and DFHRL0102E with reason CALL_BACK_ERROR.

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