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You see occasional 0C1 abends in DFHDHDH refstep dhdh_Create_Document_rtn when using an ATOMSERVICE, usually when the ATOMSERVICE calls a program that abends.

DFHPI9523E SAXParseException Content is not allowed in prolog

You are running DFHWS2LS (the CICS web services assistant) and you receive error message: DFHPI9523E An unexpected error occurred whilst processing file "/u/usr/test.wsdl". The problem is: "WSDLException: faultCode=PARSER_ERROR: Problem parsing '- WSDL Document -'.: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in prolog.".

CICS input map with mixed case is translated to upper case even after SET TERMINAL NOUCTRAN

You have a CICS application that uses an input map that contains several input fields that have mixed case values. For this input map, you do an EXEC CICS SET TERM(EIBTRIMD) NOUCTRAN followed by a EXEC CICS SEND MAP and then a RETURN(tranid). The next task does a RECEIVE MAP with ASIS. However, the input fields are all getting translated to upper case.

EXEC CICS READNEXT for a remote KSDS file returns the same record

You are reading a file using EXEC CICS READNEXT after a STARTBR. You notice a READNEXT for a remote file using MRO gives the same record (duplicate record) back each time. If the file is local, the READNEXT returns the next record in the dataset as expected. You are using an alternate index (AIX).

Specifying a userid for security checking when using EXCI from a batch program

You receive CICS message DFHXS111 (security violation) when submitting a batch job. Your batch program is calling a CICS transaction using the external CICS interface ( EXCI ) and you would like to use surrogate RACF security checking. You want to know how to specify a user ID, but when coding the EXEC CICS LINK command, there does not appear to be a parameter for userid.

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