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Customization of generated WSDL using DFHLS2WS

You use DFHLS2WS to Web service enable existing CICS application programs using CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) V3.2, V4.1, or V4.2. You want to avoid the requirement to edit the generated WSDL document by hand in order to correct information. For example, the URI that is indicated for the Web service or the version of SOAP that is used.

DFHSR0622 and DFHSR0001 0C4 Attempt to overwrite CDSA after applying CA performance fix RO43562

You receive DFHSR0622 and DFHSR0001 with an abend0C4 after applying Computer Associates peformance fix RO43562. Your application is running in key 9 (User key), but you expect this program to be in key 8 (CICS key). You might also receive DFHAP0701 if the abending program is an exit program.

DFHPI0723 duing install of a PIPELINE resource definition

When you install a PIPELINE resource definition, you receive message DFHPI0723 indicating an error was encountered in the associated configuration file. The message goes on to explain "the value for the algorithm specified for the authentication is not supported".

Task looping in DB2 causes CICS TS to reach max task and hang

You have a CICS task that uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to access a DB2 database. Periodically, the task goes into a loop while in DB2. It uses an excessive amount of central processing units (CPU) and stops other tasks from completing because they can not access DB2. If the looping task is not purged, the CICS region reaches max task (MXT) and hangs.

CNX0106E Connect failed with error 'Forbidden' when connecting to CICS WUI using CMCI

You receive message CNX0106E Connect failed with error 'Forbidden'. This occurs when you are trying to establish a connection between your CICS Transaction Sever for z/OS (CICS TS) Web User Interface (WUI) region and IBM CICS Explorer. You are using the CICS management client interface (CMCI).

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