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Changing Language Environment runtime options for CICS TS

How do you change the Language Environment (LE) run-time options for your CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) regions?

Determining what subsystem will be connected to CICS by the DB2 group attach facility

You are using the DB2 group attach facility with CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) to make it possible for CICS to connect to any of your DB2 subsystems. You would like to know, how does the DB2 group attach facility determine which DB2 subsystem to connect to CICS?

CEMT audit trail

When using CICSPlex SM (CPSM) to do something like NEWCOPY a program, you do not see any record of the command. You are looking for some way to record the command in an audit trail. You are wondering if CMAS journaling (parameter: JRNLOPACT) might do this or if there is another option?

How to change the print class for DFH0STAT

You are running DFH0STAT and the output is directed to print CLASS A. How can you modify the print class to match that of the STC print class?

CICS resource security for files and transactions

You would like to better understand how to set up and use CICS resource security checking for files and transactions. You set up CMDSEC and have secured all CICS system transactions like CECI and CEMT that can access your VSAM files. But, now you want to know how to set up security on certain VSAM files and the application transactions that access the files.

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