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Where is the size of the RUWAPOOL kept

You want to know how CICS Transaction Server z/OS (CICS TS) keeps track of the High Water Mark (HWM) of RUWAPOOLs for different transactions. How does the first START_PROGRAM of a task know what amount of storage to allocate for the LE_RUWA? Does CICS TS need some kind of control blocks (or tables) to store them? If so, which control block is it?

Taking a backup of the CICS Explorer for CICS TS workspace

How do you take a backup of the workspace for CICS Explorer for CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) that you can use to restore the workspace to a previous version? This is especially important when upgrading to CICS Explorer V1.1.1 because old workspaces are irreversibly migrated to the new data format when they are used with CICS Explorer V1.1.1.

Accessing 64-bit storage from a CICS TS application

You would like to share data between CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS) and another address space. The data resides in 64-bit storage allocated by the other address space. IARV64 REQUEST=SHAREMEMOBJ provides this functionality, but you do not think you can use this macro when transaction isolation (TRANISO) is on and CICS is using subspaces. You would like to know, is this possible?

Parsing SOAP fault messages from a CICS TS 4.2 or 4.1 application

If you use the EXEC CICS INVOKE WEBSERVICE or EXEC CICS INVOKE SERVICE commands to call a remote Web service, you might receive an INVREQ response with a RESP2 value of '6' indicating that a SOAP fault message was returned. You would like to know, how can you parse a SOAP fault message from within an application program in CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) V4.2 or V4.1?

Determining if file control requests on CICS TS are running threadsafe

You enabled file control threadsafety for local VSAM LSR files in your CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) V3.2, or higher, region. Now you would like to know, how do you determine if your file control requests are running threadsafe?

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