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CICS Performance videos available

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John Burgess from the CICS Performance Team in Hursley has been very industrious, and has provided a selection of videos relating to CICS Performance and how it can be effected by outside influences.  These videos are normally 15 minutes or less (WLM has proved a bigger topic and we are currently recording part III so consequently is rather longer) and focus in on a specific CICS performance topic.  As of today, we have covered:

  • Introduction - why we created these videos
  • MIPS
  • MSUs and SUs
  • ITR (if you don't know what it stands for maybe you should view the video)
  • LPAR Fair Share
  • LPAR Capping
  • CICS and WLM Part I
  • CICS and WLM Part II

Coming soon CICS and WLM Part III

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