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Redbooks - Implementing Event Processing with CICS

Governance concerns the methods that businesses use to control important aspects of their business and these methods must be measured. Compliance is the tolerance to the criteria that have been set. CICS v4 allows you to configure your system to produce application compliance data feeds and events without application change to show solution compliance on a dashboard. The governance theme will largely be linked to CICS TS v4.1 which allows you to generate business events without requiring application change.

Draft Redbooks - CICS Explorer

As a new comer into a CICS environment or as an experienced user moving roles CICS System Management can be a daunting challenge. Prior to the CICS Explorer™ , to perform each task could require the use of different disconnected interfaces. These applications were often ISPF based panels written to do a specific function, each of which required custom knowledge to operate and if the completion of a specific task crossed application boundaries, the user would have to switch back and forth between the applications each of which had its own commands and user interface.

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