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Redbooks - Leveraging CICS Events with an ESB

There are many reasons to use an enterprise service bus (ESB) as the event bus: Transformation: Function that transforms the incoming event by translating or splitting it Enrichment: Function that enriches the content of events with reference data from multiple possible sources Validation: Function to provide validation against required criteria Pattern detection: Function that recognizes actual and retrospective patterns; a combination from possibly multiple events, characterizing a significant business situation Filtering: Stateless function that filters events based on their content, th

Draft Redbooks - Threadsafe considerations for CICS

This IBM Redbooks document is a comprehensive guide to threadsafe concepts and implementation in the context of CICS. In addition to providing detailed instructions for implementing threadsafe in your environment, it describes the real world experiences of users migrating applications to be threadsafe, along with our own experiences. It also presents a discussion of the two most critical aspects of threadsafe, system performance and integrity.

Redbooks - Extend the CICS Explorer: A Better Way to Manage Your CICS

CICS® Explorer™ is the latest significant evolution in the management and analysis of your CICS environment.

Redbooks - CICS Explorer

IBM® Customer Information Control System (CICS®) Explorer™ is the new face of CICS Integration point for CICS tooling with rich CICS views, data, and methods. Are you looking for new ways to accelerate the transfer of knowledge, skills, and best practices to the next generation of technical staff and experts? Do you need to maintain productivity and protect service-levels? CICS Explorer and System z® lead the way to platform simplification. IBM CICS Explorer™ has a common, intuitive, Eclipse-based environment for architects, developers, administrators, system programmers, and operators.

Redbooks - Smarter Banking with CICS Transaction Server

It goes without saying that 2009 was a year of unprecedented change in global banking. The challenges that financial institutions are facing require them to cut costs but also to regain trust and improve the service that they provide to an increasingly sophisticated and demanding set of customers. In the past, siloed and rigid IT systems often inhibited banks in their attempts to re-engineer their business processes. The IBM® smarter banking initiative highlights how more intelligent software can be used to significantly improve the end-to-end integration of banking processes.

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