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Home-based work benefits employees and businesses

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Working for income is largely inescapable, in spite of the corporate trappings that harm productivity much more than they help. Going into business for yourself removes one "Big Brother" figure from the equation, but you should be supremely motivated to achieve success. Working from home is another option. Hammering out the daily telecommute can benefit both the employer and the employee.

Webinar: CICS TS V4.2 Preview – Leveraging the New Events and Java Features – June 1

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Hi everyone!

Rocket Seagull and IBM have an upcoming webinar on June 1st, at 11:00AM EDT: CICS TS V4.2 Preview – Leveraging the New Events and Java Features.

Project z/Shops

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When I was looking for a job recently, I was surprised to find that there were several z/OS or System z shops close to me that I did not even know about. Unfortunately I found them after accepting a position 3 state away from my family. If I had known about the z/Shops in my own backyard, I could have at least attempted to knock on their doors before accepting the traveling and far away job.

After looking around a little I could not find a list of Mainframe shops and their locations on the internet. So I decided to set forth and create, not just a LIST, but a MAP, a LIST and a Directory of Institutions that runs IBM Mainframes (z/Shops).

Primerica Selects New IBM zEnterprise Mainframe Server for Smarter Infrastructure

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New z196 Provides 95,000 Agents with Instant Access to more than 2.4 Million Client Accounts

Dedicated System Z Job Board.

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Here is a career site dedicated to the Mainframe (System z). It is part of the IBM Academic Initiative.

System Z Jobs

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