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The Battle of the acronyms: USS vs. USS

I did my weekly reading of IBM-Main and noticed the black hole of time and talent namely the USS vs. USS argument that is raging on the list.

Maybe we should take a vote on the usage of USS and decide once and for all how to use USS (the acronym).

 Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. IBM will not change manuals and parameters based on the outcome of the poll. This poll will not put and end to nonsensical posts on the list. No animals were harmed in the creation of this poll.


Resume Writing for the Mainframe Systems Programmer

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Courtesy of Joe Gallaher, Systems Programming Consultants, Inc. 

Attending Joe's session at SHARE highlighted the gaping holes in my resume. It is highly recommended to keep a resume up to date and ready to be send out nowadays. Using Joe's guidelines will make that realy easy, and your resume will be ready to go.

Joe will be at the Orlando SHARE in August 2011. More info here : SHARE

I've attached the SHARE presentation for download.

All this and more are available at SPCI's website !

Forum for resume related stuff : LINK

GT Software Announces Support for CICS TS V4.2

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GT Software enables smooth transition for customers upgrading to the newest version of CICS

ATLANTA, July 26, 2011 – GT Software, a leading provider of mainframe integration and mainframe data access solutions, announced that Ivory BMS/TS and ASSIST/TS® have been enhanced to support the new IBM release, CICS TS V4.2.
“As mainframe systems like CICS continue to innovate and grow, so will GT Software solutions. That’s been our tradition from day one. From the time Ivory® was introduced in 1984, to the present day, our solutions kept pace with new technologies and advancements,” said Steve Able, Chief Technology Officer for GT Software. “With Ivory BMS/TS 8.6.0 and ASSIST/TS 7.3.0, our customers can easily and confidently migrate to CICS TS V4.2 and be assured that GT Software solutions will be compatible.”

Turkish Garanti Bank Settles CICS on z/OS.

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IBM announced that Garanti Bank has selected IBM System z mainframe servers as the foundation of its banking infrastructure.  The increased performance of the new IBM System z Mainframe servers will help Garanti Banks provide services to more than 950,000 clients and process more than 200 million transactions a day.

"Our new IBM System z Servers keep us ahead of the competition in attracting and retaining customers," said Tufan Alatan Vice President at Garanti Technology, a Dogus Group company that today is one of the largest IT services providers in Turkey.

New IBM zEnterprise Mainframe Server Advances Smarter Computing for Companies and Governments in Emerging Markets and Mid-size Clients around the World

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ARMONK, N.Y., - 12 Jul 2011:

IBM (NYSE:IBM) today announced a new server -- a powerful version of the IBM zEnterprise System that's the most scalable mainframe ever -- to extend the mainframe's innovation and unique qualities to more organizations, especially companies and governments in emerging markets in Asia, Africa and elsewhere.  

The new IBM zEnterprise 114 mainframe server follows the introduction of the zEnterprise System for the world's largest banks, insurance companies and governments in July 2010.  The new server, which allows mid-sized organizations to enjoy the benefits of a mainframe as the foundation for their data centers, costs 25%(1) less and offers up to 25%(2) percent more performance than its predecessor, the System z10 BC server.  It is projected that clients can consolidate workloads from 40 x-86 processors running Oracle software on to a new z114 with just three processors running Linux,(3)  and over a three year period, total costs for hardware, software and support on the new z114 as compared to consolidated servers can be up to 80% less with similar dramatic savings on floor space and energy(3).  


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