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Tech Conference Dwindling Numbers

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2000 - 2200 attendees in Las Vegas 2004 - 1250 attendees in Las Vegas 2005 - 1075 attendees in Orlando 2006 - 850 attendees in Atlanta I found these numbers on the Internet. I cannot vouch for it’s authenticity but they do look pretty accurate to me. The fact is that IBM will have to do something or the Tech Conference will go the way of Comdex. The MQ crowd is complaining that there was too much CICS stuff at the Conference. Now that speaks volumes! I don’t blame them though. This is 2 crowds that I do not think mix well, they are not a good fit. And yes I know that CICS and MQ are both offspring’s from the same “parent” Hurshley. But that is not the point. The Tech conference is about the users, not the developers.

2007 Transaction & Messaging Conference

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Chicago (Late entry by popular demand)
53% (38 votes)
Las Vegas
29% (21 votes)
18% (13 votes)
Somewhere in Canada
0% (0 votes)
San Francisco
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total voters: 72

Xephon Launches new look Website

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The new looks really good.
They also have a promotion going and you can get 30% of off a new subscription as well as some other stuff. Here is the details:

To celebrate the website launch, the first 100 new or renewed subscriptions will receive 30% off of a twelve-month subscription using coupon code SUM2XX6. All subscribers to Xephon's Updates, by July 31, 2006, will be entered into a special drawing for a free subscription to any one of Xephon's seven publications and a $300 Amazon Gift Certificate. Total value: approx. USD $700-$1150.

Students think mainframes are cool

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The Register : By Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research A personal ad going up in campuses around the world says: FIND LOVE AND STABILITY Tired of being continuously available? Not me! I'm the world's leading self-healing, self-configuring, self-protecting and self-optimising enterprise server. If you're interested in having a low-maintenance relationship with your critical workloads, we could be a match made in heaven. Do you think you have the skills it takes to administer my environment? In fact, it is part of an advertising campaign promoting university courses in large system computing; large scale in this case is synonymous with IBM z/series.

DFHDS0001 CICS An abend (code 0C4/AKEA) has occurred at 0B02 "Help"

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Necesito información hacerca de este error que se presenta despues de varias cancelaciones de aplicativos (Se descarta SVO). Tengo 13 regiones de CICS. Uno de ellos comenzo con este error sin ningun antecedente. Otro de los CICS administrativos esta practicamente clonado(SIT, Areas, etc), y esto no sucede en el. (Pareciera como si el CICS llega a un punto donde no controla los errores). Lo unico que pudimos hacer fue el de suspender un archivo de uno de nuestros productos que intercepta los errores y han cesado los errores. Pero cabe la pregunta: Por que en los 12 CICS restantes no sucede el error. IBM no consigue el origen.
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