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Debugging Storage Violations in CICS.

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This is the presentation that accompanied Scott McClure's webcast on debugging storage violations. It is a very good read and covers most everything on storage violations. This one is worth printing out and keeping handy. Debugging Storage Violations in CICS

CICS Web Services Presentations

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Here's 2 CICS Web Services presentations from IBM: Web Services in CICS TS Technical Overview This presentation will help you understand what Web services are and if you should use a direct connection or a Web service. The presentation includes both the SOAP for CICS Feature that comes with CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® V2 and the Web Services support in CICS TS V3.1. CICS Web Services CapabilitiesThis presentation describes the Web Services capabilities provided by CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® V3.1

CICS Presentations

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Here are some CICS presentations from IBM to download for your pleasure and enjoyment: Migrating from CICS TS V1.3 to CICS TS V3.1 This presentation will help you understand problems that you can face when migrating from earlier releases of CICS®. The presentation also describes the CICS functions requiring upgrades to hardware or software levels, and the CICS functions that have been removed in CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® V3.1. CICS TS for z/OS V3.1 Enterprise management This presentation describes the capabilities provided by the enhancements for enterprise management in CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® V3.1. You can effectively manage large runtime configurations using the enhancements to the CICSPlex® SM batched repository update facility and the CICSPlex SM Web User Interface (WUI).

Tech Conference Dwindling Numbers

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2000 - 2200 attendees in Las Vegas 2004 - 1250 attendees in Las Vegas 2005 - 1075 attendees in Orlando 2006 - 850 attendees in Atlanta I found these numbers on the Internet. I cannot vouch for it’s authenticity but they do look pretty accurate to me. The fact is that IBM will have to do something or the Tech Conference will go the way of Comdex. The MQ crowd is complaining that there was too much CICS stuff at the Conference. Now that speaks volumes! I don’t blame them though. This is 2 crowds that I do not think mix well, they are not a good fit. And yes I know that CICS and MQ are both offspring’s from the same “parent” Hurshley. But that is not the point. The Tech conference is about the users, not the developers.

2007 Transaction & Messaging Conference

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Chicago (Late entry by popular demand)
53% (38 votes)
Las Vegas
29% (21 votes)
18% (13 votes)
Somewhere in Canada
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San Francisco
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Total voters: 72
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