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What Is You're Primary Job Responsibility?

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CICS and Websphere MQ
14% (29 votes)
CICS and Another product (Please leave a comment and let us know what it is)
14% (29 votes)
12% (25 votes)
CICS and DB2
6% (13 votes)
CICS, IMS and Websphere MQ
1% (3 votes)
1% (2 votes)
Total voters: 201

Working on mainframes not just for old fogies

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A new generation of developers rises to the occasion. By Ann Bednarz, Network World, 07/31/06 At 23, Harper is among the new generation of mainframe professionals gearing up to take the place of retiring veterans. This new generation is sparse: Industry watchers say there aren't enough new recruits to replenish the ranks. When research firm Gartner surveyed 100 mainframe users late last year, 25% of respondents said their company already is affected by a mainframe skill shortage, and 40% said they expect to be affected in the next couple of years.

No more IMS Tech Conference

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IBM Information On Demand 2006 - Six Conferences Combined into one Premier Global Conference! A few months ago I said something about the dwindling attendance at the CICS Tech Conference over the last few years and that IBM should think about letting CICS and MQSeries go their separate ways. And maybe consider combining the CICS and IMS conferences. And that is exactly what IBM did.. OK with one minor difference, they combined the IMS conference with no less than 5 other conferences.


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The redbook discusses the new Channels and Containers support in CICS TS 3.1, Chapter 1 provides an overview about the techniques used to pass data between applications running in CICS. We will describe the constraints they may be subject to, and how a Channels and Containers solution can provide solid advantages, alongside these techniques, which will allow CICS to fully comply with emerging technology requirements in terms of sizing and flexibility. Link: Exploring CICS CHANNELs and CONTAINERs (Link now Fixed)

New look!

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I have finally upgraded the site to the latest and greatest software and in the process changed the looks as well. The old theme had some compatibility issues with IE. The CICS LINKS moved to the left side bar. Those links will not open a new browser window but will take you to IBM. The 'CICS NEWS' feed from IBM was moved from the bottom of the front page to the right hand side of the front page with the 'CICS in the NEWS' and the 'Latest Redbooks'. Theses feeds are updated on the hour. Also clicking on one of them will navigate you away from this site. If you do want to open in a new IE window or Firefox Tab, righ click and select "open in new window".
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