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CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2 Announcement!

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The CICS TS 3.2 was announced today with a planned availability date of June 29, 2007.

Read the announcement letter HERE

Retirement: How far are you from retiring?

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Take part in the current poll : Retirement Poll #2

More than 10 years away.
27% (40 votes)
6 to 10 years away
14% (21 votes)
3 to 5 years away
7% (10 votes)
Less than 1 year away,
1% (2 votes)
1 to 2 years away,
1% (2 votes)
Total voters: 150

2007 & 2008 End Of Service. Dates for CICS Products

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[table=tables-colorful-list CICS products with EOS dates in 2007 and 2008 | EOS Date CICS Interdependency Analyzer for zOS V1.3 | 30 Sept 2007 CICS VSAM Recovery for z/OS V3.3 | 30 Sept 2007 IBM Session Manager for z/OS V1.2 | 30 Sept 2007 CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V2.2 | 30 April 2008 CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS V1.1 | 30 April 2008 CICS Online Transmission Time Optimizer V1.1 | 30 April 2008 ]

ASG announces Change Manager for CICS®

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ASG announced the general availability of ASG-TMON® Change Manager for CICS® TS and System Definition Auditor feature version 4.0. ASG-TMON® Change Manager for CICS® TS Version 4.0 is a key element of ASG's strategy of total Performance Management and Availability Solutions, which empowers organizations to deliver changes on demand to meet their dynamic business needs. This automated change management solution enables users to easily make changes to IBM CICS® Transaction Server (TS) tables across all systems operating on z/OS Sysplexes. According to clients, it also significantly increases productivity.

How to insert Hex values from CICS online screen into table?

I have expereinced a PROG753 Error on an Online screen. To find out the cause checked the table from where the value is getting populated and found that the hex values are entered which is finally preventing the value to get populated which finally results in PROG753 error. We have to fix this in the program which is trying to insert or update the table through online to prevent hex values getting entered. In order to do the above I have to replicate the same scenario in test. Please can some one help me in how to insert the hex values through online screen into table.
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