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How to Cut the (Not So) High Cost of Mainframe Software

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If you do your homework, Big-Iron cost cutters argue, you can realize substantial mainframe software savings.
If mainframe technologists have a favorite gripe, it's what many say is the high cost of software licensing. Mainframe software keeps getting more expensive, they claim, even as the price of Big-Iron hardware continues to fall. It's so often repeated it’s become a truism for many mainframe technologists.

Is System z New Application License Charges (zNALC) anti-CICS?

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IBM offers substantial discount to z/OS customers that deploy “qualified” applications to the mainframe. However this licensing seems to exclude CICS workload – even if it is a new application.

PHP for z/OS

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IBM Ported Tools for z/OS®: PHP for z/OS Feature (PHP for z/OS) provides a port of the PHP (version 5.1.2) scripting language to the z/OS UNIX® System Services platform. PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a general-purpose scripting language that is well-suited for Web development. PHP's syntax is similar to that of C and Perl, making it easy for anyone with basic programming skills to learn. It allows one to embed program statements directly within an HTML page. PHP is both powerful and flexible; it has a rich set of APIs and it contains a Perl-compatible regular expression library.

Where is the CICS Community Edition?

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IBM is a big proponent of OSS (Open Source Software) and Community development and involvement. If there is a soap box to climb on and there's a listening audience, IBM sings the advantages of Open Source and Community development. Take the Eclipse platform as an example. IBM started development of Eclipse in 1998 but realized that for Eclipse to be successful, it will have to be embraced by more than just IBM and in November of 2001 IBM adopted the Open Source licensing and operation model for Eclipse and in 2004 IBM handed Eclipse over to the Eclipse foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organization.

Now open source is just part of the picture. There is also the concept of "Community" software where the source code of a product is still protected but the product itself is made available in a "Community Edition" format. Community Edition basically means that you can download the product for free and you are free to use the product as you please. This is the case with DB2 Express-C (DB2 Community Edition) and Websphere Application Server Community Edition. Browsing through Developerworks at IBM there are pages and pages of information, tutorials, web casts and code examples dedicated to Open Source and Community Edition software.
But something is missing!?..

DSI acquires rights to BatchCICS-Connect, Batch integration engine for 24x7 processing of CICS transactions, programs, and data.

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For Immediate Release. Contact: Heather Honegger Monday, May 7, 2007 Document Systems, Inc. Media Contact Phone: (925) 287-8682 Walnut Creek, CA. Document Systems, Inc. (DSI), the developers of the DOCU/MASTER search engine and contextual access software, today announced acquisition of software rights for BatchCICS-Connect (formerly COBOL IPConnector) from LeeDawn, Inc. DSI will commercial and market the BatchCICS-Connect technology to IBM CICS organizations requiring 24x7 integration of batch processing with any CICS transaction, program or data resource.
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