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CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS



IBM CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS V1.1 is a new tool that discovers, models, visualizes, creates, and deploys CICS regions using policy-driven advice and automation

CICS Deployment Assistant can discover, model, visualize, and deploy new and existing CICS regions, using automation and policy-driven advice built on your own and IBM’s knowledge and experience, giving you access to the latest IBM CICS technology faster and easier than ever before.

Site Hosting problems.

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I'm having some problems with my webhost. The server gets overloaded and then the site will not load.
 That is just one of the joys of web hosting. I'm wotking with them to see if we can get the problem fixed.

Maybe one day I can afford a dedicated server to run my sites but that is too expensive for me at this time.

Thanks for your patience!


IBM Unveils World's Fastest Microprocessor

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PRNewsFoto/IBM  IBM technician Asia Dent tests the world's fastest microprocessor, made in New York and shipping to clients on Sept. 10. The heart of IBM's new zEnterprise System mainframes, the new chip helps deliver world-record speeds of 5.2 GHz.

IBM unveiled details Wednesday about its new advanced chips, which the company says can process information at record-breaking speeds far faster than those in ordinary desktop computers.

The technology giant said it spent more than $1.5 billion on research and development of the new chip tech, which debuts in the form of the 5.2-GHz z196 CPU.

Source : Fox News


Do you currently work in a shop that are planning on shutting down the Mainframe?

I hear lot's of talk among friends and peers about companies moving workload off the mainframe or planning on shutting down the mainframe completely.
This is an informal poll to see what is happening.

Note: The poll will count only one vote per domain, so if someone at your company beat you to the punch, it will show that you voted already. Unless you are a registered user logged in,  in that case it is one vote per user regardless of domain.

The Mainframe is strategic to our business. No plans on shutting it down.
64% (105 votes)
Within 24 months or more.
14% (23 votes)
Just rumours for now.
13% (21 votes)
The mainframe was supposed to be gone but it's still running.
10% (17 votes)
Within the next 12 months.
3% (5 votes)
The mainframe was decommisioned within the last 12 months.
0% (0 votes)
Total voters: 163

Managing CICS performance with Workload Manager

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Workload Manager (WLM) has been a blessing for the mainframe. Before WLM there was Systems Resource Manager, which was full of cryptic parameters with vague interactions between them. Back in the '80s, a systems programmer might agonize for weeks before making a simple change, only to become reacquainted with the law of unintended consequences. WLM simplified things quite a bit, enabling the performance analyst to set goals and letting the system manage them.
Robert Crawford, Contributor

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