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Webcast: CICS Storage 101 - A Look into CICS Dynamic Storage Areas

2010-11-17 11:00


This Support Technical Exchange is designed to provide a look into CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) dynamic storage areas (DSAs). It will show how the DSAs are managed using examples from a system dump. Level of Difficulty: Intermediate. Presenter(s): Sarah Bertram and Erich Hoppe. Date: 17 November 2010.

BIG Iron: The Mainframe Story

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The Documentary Film Thousands of Years and Countless MIPS in the Making

BIG IRON: The Mainframe Story is the long-awaited chronicle of the most innovative and enduring computer technology the world has yet known.

CA Mainframe Chorus and IBM Systems Magazine co-present the documentary film that chronicles the mainframe's origins and storied history and glimpses its bright future.
Each chronological segment features events, photos, video, and factoids from Stonehenge and Alan Turing to System/360 and virtualization to z10 and beyond, including conversations and reflections from experts, historians and the people who made (and make), the innovation happen.

Take a walk with us through Mainframe’s past and future history with BIG IRON: The Mainframe Story (so far).



IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS

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IBM® Problem Determination Tools consists of a core group of IBM products designed to work in conjunction with compilers and run times to provide a start-to-finish development solution for the IT professional. This IBM Redbooks® publication can provide you with an introduction to the tools, guidance for program preparation to use with them, an overview of their integration, and several scenarios for their use.

Webcast: Introduction to CICS Dynamic Scripting in CICS TS 4.1

2010-10-12 11:00


This Support Technical Exchange is designed to focus on CICS Dynamic Scripting, which integrates Project Zero technology into CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS ) V4.1, providing a robust environment for PHP and Groovy applications and web feeds. Tight integration with existing CICS applications and data allows CICS assets to be exposed as RESTful services or Web 2.0 AJAX interfaces. Level of Difficulty: Beginner Presenter(s): Jonathan Lawrence Date: 12 October 2010

CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS



IBM CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS V1.1 is a new tool that discovers, models, visualizes, creates, and deploys CICS regions using policy-driven advice and automation

CICS Deployment Assistant can discover, model, visualize, and deploy new and existing CICS regions, using automation and policy-driven advice built on your own and IBM’s knowledge and experience, giving you access to the latest IBM CICS technology faster and easier than ever before.

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