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CICS/Message - Send messages to CICS terminals



CICS/Message allows you to send messages to:

  • an individual CICS terminal by Termid or Netname
  • all CICS terminals (including console operator)
  • all CICS terminals matching a generic Termid or Netname
  • an individual CICS user by OPID or USERID
  • all CICS terminals matching a generic operator id (OPID or USERID)
  • all terminals/operators in a user specified list or
  • the console while preserving the contents of the user's previous screen.


Common examples of Message usage include:

  • notifying users that the system is coming down
  • notifying users that a file is being closed/re-opened
  • asking users to end a transaction
  • notifying console of a problem
  • notifying a group of users about a meeting
  • user to user communication


With Message, messages can be up to nine 18-line screens long and can be sent to any terminal. After receiving the message the terminal operator simply presses a PF key and the original screen and transaction are fully restored.

A message can be originated by:

  • Entering a CICS transaction
  • LINKING to the message program from a CICS program
  • Batch JCL if our MacKinney Batch to CICS or CEMT from Batch products are installed.