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CICS/Menu II - Present CICS applications to your end-users easily



CICS/Menu II gives you an easy way to present your CICS applications to your end-users without them having to memorize cryptic transaction ids. All users will see a consistent point of entry and never have to see a blank screen. Group profiles allow you to present each user with only the applications they need to see. Menus can be nested and an optional user exit allows pre-display customizing. INPUTMSG data can be passed to applications. You can pre-check transaction security using an interface to MacKinney Systems CICS/SignOn or your own user exit. Administration can be off spread between group administrators.

  • Presents a single, consistent point of entry for application users
  • Prevents users from seeing a blank screen
  • Easy menu building using color-coded item selection lists
  • CICS/Menu II allows unlimited nesting of menus
  • Returns to the menu from which the application is selected
  • CICS/Menu II help screens are available for every screen
  • Allows INPUTMSG data to be passed to applications
  • Allows authorized users to enter transids from any menu screen
  • Allows authorized users to escape to a blank screen
  • Allows authorized users to logoff from CICS
  • Allows authorized users to dynamically select and use any menu from a list
  • CICS/Menu II interfaces with MacKinney Systems' CICS/SignOn to pre-check transaction security
  • Provides a user exit point before a menu is displayed to allow in-house security or additional tailoring of items
  • Optionally omits displaying unauthorized items (must use CICS/SignOn interface or pre-display user exit)
  • If using CICS/SignOn, no administration of users is required. Without CICS/SignOn user administration is kept to a minimum by using Group profiles to define characteristics to be shared by users
  • Allows detailed administration to be off loaded to department administrators for tailoring department menus and user lists
  • CICS/Menu II provides default profiles for unassigned users
  • Supports conversational and pseudo-conversational applications on CICS releases from 2.3 and above on VSE and 4.1 and above on MVS.