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OnWeb for CICS

Web Enablement

Transform your Mainframe CICS applications into new business solutions OnWeb for CICS transforms existing CICS applications into high performance, new business applications, capable of integration with other enterprise information systems. For companies looking to extend their CICS applications to new business users, such as partners and customers, OnWeb for CICS combines the ease of Web application development with the scalability and high-performance of the mainframe – delivering the most powerful CICS modernization solution. OnWeb for CICS creates secure, scalable, and high performance XML interfaces to existing CICS transactions – without screen scraping or host application re-engineering. The product delivers on the promises of ease of development & deployment, faster time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership on enterprise-wide mainframe integration projects.
earl haigh
Joined: 2006-12-06
BatchCICS-Connect from DSI interfaces with OnWeb CICS

Write Batch COBOL programs to communicate with 1 or more CICS regions:

. Combine Batch and CICS processing within the same program

. Interact with CEMT, CEDA, CORE, or any other CICS transaction

. For BMS applications, pass and receive data in BMS MAP copybook areas

. Capture OnWeb for CICS outbound 3270 XML

. Perform "live updates on files and other resources (tdq, tsq, etc)

. Logically perform Close-Process-Open (CPO) against critical CICS resources

. Create replays for regression or stress testing of CICS applications