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BatchCICS-Connect / CICS 24x7 batch integration - SOA

Batch Control


BATCH CICS service programming. The Premier Software that provides integration of Batch processing with any CICS data resource, program, or transaction. BatchCICS is the ONLY vendor software that allows for custom development and control of 24x7 access services to CICS using Batch COBOL programs. Create batch SOA processes that fully interact 'real time' with your running CICS applications. Easy to learn EXEC coding statements. Installs with a source code provided utility program that executes CICS commands from a batch job. 

. Communicate with 1 or more CICS regions while performing Batch processing of: files,reports, internal sorts, etc.

. Process multiple pipe connections to the same CICS region from within a single program

. Code common CICS Screen Navigation procedures as callable" sub-programs

. Interact with CEMT, CEDA, CORE, or any other CICS transaction

. When processing BMS applications ; optionally pass and receive data using BMS MAP copybook areas

. Outbound Screens can be returned as XML documents

. Working source code samples provided: close/open files, enable/disable programs, read/write TSQ's, TDQ's, VSAM

. Harvest data from different CICS transactions, build a single data structure, and MQ route to other platforms

. Perform live updates on CICS files and other CICS resources (tdq, tsq, etc) . Logically control "Close-Process-Open" activity against critical CICS resources

. Create replays for regression or stress testing of CICS applications

. Provide Batch data feeds into legacy CICS 3270 and BMS systems

. Run CICS commarea" programs and CICS Host Based Integration Scripts

. Build Outbound service routines to internal or external web sites (address verification, credit checks, weather, etc.)

. Develop "CICS passthru" web services to process tape(cartridge) files

. Optional feature to code commarea programs that perform "transaction automation" for client applications (CTG Websphere or Batch exci)