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Do you Telecommute?

In a recent poll done by Dice Holding's it was revealed that 40% of US IT workers would accept a reduced salary to be able to telecommute. Do you telecommute? Are you considering it? (You can select more than one option)

I want to Telecommute but that option is not available.
34% (82 votes)
I Telecommute but only part time.
33% (79 votes)
I Telecommute fulltime.
18% (44 votes)
No Way! I will absolutely not take a paycut to telecommute!
18% (43 votes)
Yes. I would gladly take a paycut to telecommute.
10% (23 votes)
No need to telecommute, only live minutes away.
7% (16 votes)
Telecommuting is available but I like paying for gas(petrol), fighting traffic and my cube is nicely decorated.
2% (4 votes)
Total voters: 241
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Re: Do you Telecommute?

Most people have to do a job as a living, even if it means being subjected to a program of authoritarian propaganda punctuated by many different moments of frantic efficiency. Going into business for yourself removes one “Big Brother” figure from the equation, but you have to be supremely motivated to achieve success. Working from home is another choice. Hammering out the daily telecommute can benefit both the employer and the employee. I found this here: Working from home benefits employees and employers,

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Telecommute and Bike

In the summer I bike to work 2-3 times per week and telecommute the rest. In the winter I will see if I can telecommute three times per week. My bosses encourage telecommuting but then they also seem to expect one to be in the office.

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Tax incentives?

With the high gas prices, global warming and upcoming oil shortage I think that governments should offer companies tax incentives to get employees to telecommute.

It will drive down demand for oil causing lower oil prices and less carbon emissions.

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How about another category that says "No need to telecommute, only live minutes away."

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I've added the option for

I've added the option for you.
That would be nice to be walking distance from work!

Diane Goodwin
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Here, telecommuting is not an "option" except off hours when there are problems that need fixing.