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CICS Performance videos available

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nick garrod
Joined: 2007-08-09

John Burgess from the CICS Performance Team in Hursley has been very industrious, and has provided a selection of videos relating to CICS Performance and how it can be effected by outside influences.  These videos are normally 15 minutes or less (WLM has proved a bigger topic and we are currently recording part III so consequently is rather longer) and focus in on a specific CICS performance topic.  As of today, we have covered:

  • Introduction - why we created these videos
  • MIPS
  • MSUs and SUs
  • ITR (if you don't know what it stands for maybe you should view the video)
  • LPAR Fair Share
  • LPAR Capping
  • CICS and WLM Part I
  • CICS and WLM Part II

Coming soon CICS and WLM Part III

John and I, have developed the material from some customer experiences that he has been involved with, and is specifically produced for those who need to have an understanding of what can effect CICS performance.

These videos can be viewed in a playlist on YouTube at: 

If you are firewalled out of YouTube you can also view them from the CICS Devcenter at

This is not Marketing material but genuinely intended for technical personnel to help them widen their understanding of why performance results may vary, how to plan capacity, and why what you expect might not always occur.