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CEDA from Batch

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Sometimes it is neccesary to run CEDA commands from a batch job and the console  "Modify" command is just not doing it for you.

Well fear not... here is two programs that can help you to invoke CEDA from batch.

SYEXCIS.ASM is the server program that runs in CICS.

SYEXCIC.CBL is the example calling batch program. The example is for a Group install.

JCLCEDA.TXT is an example JCL.

This code was graciously donated by Roland Schiradin

Note: If you do make improvements or alterations to the code please conider posting it back here.

Disclaimer: This code is provided as-is. No guarentees or warranties are are made about the codes end results. your milage may vary. Use at your own risk.

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