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Today MATTER OF FACT SOFTWARE announce the launch of CICS JS/Server Version 2.
This new solution serves several popular Open Source Javascript Libraries from CICS on z/OS.

Modern business applications demand user interfaces with sophisticated features. Many such
features are provided by web browsers that communicate with server technology to access corporate
data and drive business processes. In many large corporations, the server of choice with which the
browser communicates is the IBM mainframe.

Open Source Javascript tools such as the Dojo Toolkit and JQuery have enabled the rapid
development of browser based user interface functions. These Open Source resources have to be
served to the web browser and it is vitally important that control is retained over what is served up
to the browser as part of a corporate business application. Basic web browser functionality can be
manipulated and compromised using Javascript and this exposes potential security issues.

The Open Source resources supported are:

Dojo Toolkit JQuery & JQuery UI YUILibrary MooTools
Scriptaculous D3JS     Prototype  Rickshaw

Our new software also supports the definition and serving of bespoke content and has a mechanism
to allow for novel CICS Web Applications to be defined, managed and operated.

CICS JS/Server serves the Open Source resources directly from mainframe PDS datasets via
CICS. Easy to install and use,  CICS JS/Server exploits the usual mainframe industrial strength
capabilities that corporate systems demand.

CICS JS/Server was originally devised to provide control over the serving of the Dojo Toolkit as it
is used by our other product, PlexSpy Application Status Monitor. The realisation that such control
was needed led to the development of this solution. It became apparent that our own requirements
for control over the Dojo Toolkit would be matched within other companies that use it. Version 2
extends the capabilities of the software to cover several of the most popular Open Source Javascript

Capable of scaling to meet the needs of high performance systems.

It is envisaged that CICS JS/Server will continue to evolve over time to serve additional versions
of the Open Source resources and to enhance the content serving feature.

A free trial is available by visiting the company website:

Our Managing Director, Mr Stephen Mitchell is available for interview. If you require further
information, please contact  him at


About Matter of Fact Software
Matter of Fact Software was founded in 2008 to develop and bring to market innovative software
products in the IBM Mainframe arena with a special focus on CICS.

Based in Scotland, Matter of Fact Software is a privately owned Company that writes and markets
its own software.