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New Features!

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Private Messenger
Send a message to other registered users on the CICSWorld. The user will get the messages the next time they login if they are not logged in. The messenger can be accessed by going HERE or below the left hand menu bar you will see a Messenger block. The User field is "auto-complete". Just start typing the user name.

If you want an email address at contact me here. This is email addresses managed by google mail.

Assembler Code highlighter.

  • Look at an example here
  • You can add code by selecting "Create Content" on the left menu and selecting "Source Code". (Clicking on the + next to "Create Content" will give you a drop down menu)
  • At this time only Assembler is supported. I'm working on the COBOL and JCL.

Job Section

  • The Job section allows for recruiters to submit jobs on the site. The old way was to search the web for Jobs.
    If you want to submit a job, just drop me an email and I can add you to the list of Recruiters.
    It's Free!
  • To go to the Jobs just click the "Mainframe Jobs" on the left hand menu, or "MF Jobs" on the top menu bar.
  • To add a job posting select "Create Content" on the left menu and
  • At the bottom of the Job posting, there is a "Apply for this job" selection, This will send a short Resume to the recruiter. The resume can be created by going "Create Content" and selecting "Resume". To look ate your Resume go to your user profile("My Account" on the left menu).

More to come SOON!!.