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CICS Performance Analyzer

Performance Tuning


IBM® CICS® Performance Analyzer for z/OS® V3.2 extends CICS Explorer support to help you develop, tune, and manage your CICS systems.

CICS Performance Analyzer is a powerful off-line reporting tool that analyzes the System Management Facilities (SMF) records created by the CICS Monitoring Facility (CMF), CICS Statistics, CICS Server Statistics, as well as SMF data from the related subsystems (DB2 and WebSphere MQ, to produce a wide range of reports and extracts that will help you tune and manage your CICS systems. CICS PA also provides z/OS system logger reports using the system logger data.

CICS Performance Analyzer addresses the needs of everyone involved in CICS performance analysis, system tuning, and planning capacity, including those who architect, develop, deploy, and manage complex mainframe CICS applications