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CICS JS/Server

Web Enablement



CICS JS/Server exploits the power of your mainframe to serve up the popular Dojo Toolkit to your web applications.

Modern web applications need to be underpinned with infrastructure technologies that can handle heavy volumes and fluctuations in volume whilst remaining secure.

It is also important that any changes made to the software used by a business application be managed in a controlled manner. Calling aspects of it from a third party takes away some of that control and may lead to breaches in security.

Moving the Dojo Javascript Toolkit to the mainframe allows for more control over the Toolkit and access to it.

CICS JS/Server is simple to install and use and does not use zFS files. Instead, CICS JS/Server serves up Dojo from familiar mainframe PDS files. This simplifies the installation, management and security of the software.

CICS JS/Server can be freely downloaded for trial purposes by visiting our website.

For more information contact us via Email: